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Live From The USA



Live from the USA, Another black boy was born today

Dropped in this world from god Up against all odds from his first born day

Plenty of smiles he was born to play Till education board took his soul away

Not knowing the Tv controlled what the owners say

Doomed to presume faith in one candidate consumed by the media landscape.

Confused by the what path to take

Looking into a pond for answers beyond An online database

Too many sources to validate

Right-click, copy-paste Click-bate provided by a conglomerate


His hands shake he might break


Easy to see the world in monochrome

Little is known especially the opinions of his own

Pockets full of stone

Groupthink so he don't feel alone

Victim of remote control in his own home Aches from the carpal tunnel syndrome

Provided by his phone

Not hearing the clocks metronome.

Headaches from no breaks

His time waste he might break


Lost in a maze with a daze from the haze

Slaving to pay for a place to stay

Food and water in the same plate

Juggling his mental state while trying to get a stake in this rat race

Uncle Sam never lends a hand so Damn for his fams sake

The future seems so opaque For black and browns in the united states

Know they get the shortest take It's not hard to articulate

What the people say, Hoping someday it will change But until then he remains

A pond in the game Correction a slave with no chain

Collecting spare change

Life in the USA, is this his fate?


He might break.

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