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Our People


"Our People" explores racial stereotypes that are often presented in film and television. In this found-footage& audio montage, I will be speaking specifically to the 
"gang member" role often portrayed by African Americans.

I believe the images we repeatedly see on-screen influence us on a subconscious level and in result shape our perception of the real world. This combined with forming relationships and or living in geographical areas that lack diversity can easily breed a false and negative attitude towards people of color. Similar to Pavlov's Dog Study, when one of these roles are perpetuated over and over, they are people are likely to be conditioned emotions such as fear or distrust towards these demographics regardless of whether it was in on-the screen or not.

My goal with this video is to essentially put these stereotyped roles at the forefront of the viewer's attention through pattern recognition in order to saturate these depictions making them less effective at producing false narratives.


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